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K. Taylor ImageWhat can I say about our guest in this issue? She’s a legend, she is a staple in the Bay Area music scene and beyond, She is the epitome of class personified, in addition, she just may just have one of the absolute best “interview voices” that we’ve ever had the fortune of hearing. Among several other accomplishments, Ms. Kimmie Taylor has two things that most people will spend their whole lives chasing: longevity, and CONSISTENT increasing levels of success.

Recently ranked as one of the top 45 radio DJ’s in the country, Ms. Taylor has been entrenched in the San Francisco Bay area community from the ground up. What a complete honor it was to listen to the principles of success that Kimmie laid out during this interview. Not only has she been able to carve out a significant place in radio history for herself, Ms. Taylor has successfully implemented the generations of knowledge from hall of famers in her same roles before her. She is simply a student of the game, and here in the bay area, we’re lucky to have her on 102.9FM.

As you listen to what (respectfully) may be my favorite interview in quite some time, I challenge you to answer a few questions. 1st; Are you currently working in the industry that YOU LOVE? 2nd, do you have a plan for your future, complete with pit stops along the way to see if you’re on track? 3rd, are you studying those that came before you? It has been my experience that the most successful people in any given industry, have taken the time to learn from both the failures and successes of their predecessors. This interview that you are about to listen to below, is NOT just for those that want to be in the radio or music industry, it is for everyone, and it is my sincere hope that you are blessed, motivated and inspired by the one of the country’s BEST. Ms. Kimmie Taylor.

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Game Changer: Ms. Pasha Baker shares the SECRETS of going to the TOP!


PBAKERimageThis interview is long overdue. I have a tremendous level of respect for our guest this time around because Ms. Pasha Baker is not only the definition of all things related to entrepreneurship, but she specializes in helping others reach their dreams. The owner and founder of SILICON SOUTH has been recognized repeatedly for her countless contributions to the entrepreneurial community as well as her own personal achievements.  I’m personally excited about this interview and all of the value that you are getting ready to listen to below because we talked about everything from raising capital from your business to the power of networking.


NETWORKING IS A CONTACT SPORT, Pasha built her company and her brand by keeping one simple truth: “BUSINESS and BANKING have never changed”, now of course there’s 2 more parts to that philosophy, but you’ll have to listen to the interview to get the rest. Here’s one of the BIGGES TIPS that a new entrepreneur can learn, YOU DON’T FIND venture capitalists, venture capitalists find you.  In this interview Ms. Baker explains exactly what it takes to take your business from local to global, what investors are looking for, and most importantly the thought process necessary to win as an entrepreneur. It’s all about belief.


Prior to this interview, I was able to watch Ms. Pasha Baker for the better part of a calendar year, and can honestly say that I have seldom been more impressed and intrigued about speaking with such a powerful, phenomenal, astute businesswoman. While I could go on forever sharing tips that Ms. Baker gives us during these few minutes, I’ll leave you with just one more before you click the play button below: It’s not enough to just know your product, you owe it to your business, dream etc to know EVERY ASPECT of the industry/profession/goal that you choose. Ladies and gentlemen, I am excited for what you are about to hear and learn. Lastly, I challenge you to leave a comment, let us know the POWER POINTS of this interview and how you’ll use them in the future. I present Ms. Pasha Baker.

How Many “MONEY LIES” Do You Believe? Learn the TRUTH w/Cynthia Blanc-Preiss

Cynthia PhotoI’ve never heard a financially successful person say that they perhaps, have made “enough money”. In fact, from the likes of international icons like Warren Buffet, Jay-Z to your Wall Street heavyweights, all the way to your lesser known millionaire next door, it can be argued that there is no such thing as “enough money”. Before you get all worked up, no I don’t believe that money rules the world, HOWEVER as I always say: “If you don’t have it ranked up there with oxygen, you’re lying to yourself”. That being said, our guest this time around is absolutely amazing, and the interview that you are about to listen to below is FULL OF nuggets that will plant the seeds to fuel your wealthy mindset.

Ms. Cynthia Blanc-Preiss has been an entrepreneur since she was 8 years old. She has spent several years learning more than just how to make money, Cynthia has learned the laws of money, how it works, how to leverage it, and perhaps most importantly she has mastered the thought process that it takes to consistently create income. In her latest book BIG MONEY LIES EXPOSED, Cynthia carefully articulates over 9 secrets of money that the super rich actively practice to maintain their spots among the wealthiest of people in the world.

When it comes to small businesses and becoming a successful entrepreneur, Cynthia has managed to shorten the learning curve by becoming a living example of what it takes to overcome odds, and choose to become wealthy. This conversation, this interview has quickly become one of my favorites because Cynthia speaks the language of success fluently. She has a positively infectious energy and it’s absolutely evident that she enjoys what she does. If you want to increase your finances, one of the voices that you should definitely be listening to, and one of the books that you MUST read is that of Ms. Cynthia Blanc-Preiss.



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The Vision Is DOPE, The Growth Is CONTAGIOUS!

Dope Only LogoRecently I watched a documentary on the effects of “hip hop” in America. One of the lines that stuck with me the most was “contagious consumer behavior through culture” because this line PERFECTLY explains what our guest is experiencing with his DOPE ONLY brand. Mr. Rod Campbell is affecting culture in a manner that demands that people in the “Bay Area” and beyond not only take notice, but that they also want to participate in.  In the interview that you are about to listen to, you will hear from a man that not only has found his passion, but more importantly, has ALWAYS had the passion and commitment to chase it.

I don’t think there are enough words to express the energy and pure excitement that Mr. Campbell speaks with while talking about his business, but I am sure that he’d be the first to tell you, it’s not just his business, it’s his way of life coming out in the most natural form possible; the clothing, the music, the parties, and the collaborations. It’s Oakland. It’s all things Dope. Although it can be said that there are a lot of people that mirror the high level of belief that Mr. Campbell possesses, I’d challenge you to find someone that enjoys the process more than he does. During our conversation we talked about the branding, the strategic communication that he and his team have with their customers/families and we talked the most important aspect of any successful entrepreneur…Vision.

Some time ago, I heard Mr. Campbell say that they usually don’t appreciate the fact that you’re  local, until you aren’t anymore.  I agree, but I’d also add, that there are a rare few that have the vision to think outside of the local box. The “DOPE ONLY” brand isn’t forced, it’s not pushed, it’s embraced. I’ve been fortunate enough to see the product, the culture and the growth in person, and I can tell you that when you listen to this interview, you’ll hear how the satisfaction of enjoying what you’re doing sounds. You’ll hear vision, you’ll hear sound business tips, and you will hear it all  from a man who’s put together a team that all truly wants the same thing. They want to affect culture. I have no doubt that they will DO it.

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Coach P. Care- “HULK SMASHING” The Health & Wellness / Fitness Industries


PCarePicI’’ve been following this “HUSTLE HARDER” guest since she first made the decision to start this business. She is one of the most energetic, humbly amazing and sincere women that I’ve had the pleasure of meeting.  Affectionately referred to on twitter as Coach P Care, she is a highly renowned holistic nutritionist and “green living” coach.  During a time when it seems like everyone with a nice physique is now a “fitness guru” Coach P goes beyond the squats, burpees and waist trainers that you hear most amateurs talking about and does her absolute best to get to the most important part of your overall fitness, your health.

Don’t take this interview lightly, I want you to understand that Princess and her team have EFFECTIVELY positioned themselves in front of what will be the next TRILLION dollar industry, and they’re doing so organically. Rather it be the liver cleanse or simply asking “how much water have you drank today or what’s your favorite winter vegetable”?  Coach interacts with her community on a daily basis and the response is JAW DROPPING. Princess doesn’t take the growth and interaction of online family and clients lightly, she readily admits that their success stories, or newly adopted healthy habits drive her, and she gets as giddy as a 14 year old girl when the tweets come in about someone living better with her suggestions.

I purposely waited to post this interview because the New Year’s fitness cliché’ had to wear off. This is a serious movement that Coach and her team are putting together with HERBALOSOPHY. As with any success, the green healthy and fit lifestyle is about long term commitment and decision making. Her team isn’t about the stereotypical size 2 skinny girl with the 6 pack, or the muscle bound weight lifting competitor, her team is fully vested in your health from the inside out and after you hear the story of this business owner, her reason why, her passion, her pure excitement for what she does, I challenge you to EAT WELL, LIVE WELL, and…. BE WELL!



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It’s Time For Your Vision AND BUSINESS to EVOLVE! -Success Tips with Shaunice Hawkins

SNH (Headshot)

When I reached out to this week’s guest, I had a sneaking suspicion that it would be one of the most up-beat, insightful and flat out fun interviews of the year.  As a leading business strategist, SHAUNICE HAWKINS helps companies Evolve with the changing market conditions that business owners and dream-chasers alike often find themselves facing. After 20 successful years in “Corporate America” Shaunice did something most people are afraid of doing, she bet on herself.  In what we all know is a tough decision to make, she decided not to go back to a position that was comfortable, yet offered no real sense of security, and she started her own business.

DOES THE TITLE “ENTREPRENUR” create too much pressure for those who are just starting their own businesses? This is one of the key questions that Mrs. Hawkins tackled during our conversation on what it takes to be successful. She shed light on some of the most prevalent fears, beliefs and thought processes that business owners face, and most importantly she might have inadvertently given me a new revenue stream! ( please feel free to listen in for a possible 2014 launch )

There is a particularly (for me) touching and dynamic part of this interview where Shaunice Hawkins talked about the 3 things that entrepreneurs and dream chasers have IN COMMON with corporate Amercia;  these 3 bullet points alone should require a paid fee, because it TRULY CHALLENGES us as business owners.  Before you click the “play” button, I challenge you to prepare yourself for information that can literally be implemented into your business and make you money.  Shaunice Hawkins is an author, a leader, trainer speaker and I do believe that she is well equipped to take your vision and help you EVOLVE.



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yvonne-bynoepicI was first introduced to the amazing Yvonne Bynoe through my good friend Uneeka Jay during her recent “Power Up Weekend Conference”. Since that meeting, I’ve known that Yvonne was someone that has a unique combination of passion, energy, knowledge and the ability to communicate at a high level. As a leading business coach and mentor to entrepreneurs, Yvonne delivers a powerful, insightful and energetic brand of motivation and business training that is beneficial across several industries.

With her core audience being women, Yvonne is unapologetic about the degree of ownership that it requires to be successful. Not just owning your business, but owning how you present yourself, what you allow to interfere with your time (negativity, television, mental blocks etc) And most of all, OWNING YOUR OWN RESULTS. Since Hustle Harder’s inception, we’ve been fortunate enough to interview truly successful business owners, and for some reason I can’t remember ever talking about how much they truly invest in themselves. One of the best parts of the interview that you are going to listen to, (in my opinion) is how much Yvonne invests in herself to get the absolute best results possible. She raises the bar, and she does not settle.

The bottom line is that we all want to improve our results. No matter what levels of success you’ve reached as a business owner or dream chaser, you want more. What Yvonne and I are attempting to do with this life changing interview, is to help you all shorten the learning curve and outline the intangibles that are needed to succeed. I gained a tremendous amount of useful information from this powerful business owner, and I believe that you will too. From what it takes to launch your business, to what it takes to expand your business. Yvonne Bynoe has been featured in some of the nation’s most powerful avenues, and now she’s here to share her information, talent and energy with you. Yvonne Bynoe is second to none.

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imgres1Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve really been taking a deeper look into the role that fear plays in the pursuit of achievement. I believe that this site has done a great job of highlighting both the inner and outer motivation needed to assist in dream chasing, as well as several various steps and resources that an entrepreneur can use to shorten the learning curve of their business. However, I realize that not everyone wants to own their own business, some want to excel in their corporate careers while others want to use these personal growth tips to help themselves in other areas of their lives. That being said, since fear can attack us in any if not ALL of these areas, I say we spend some time figuring out ways to attack fear!

The following are a few suggestions that I’ve used that ARE STILL helping me to attack my own set of fears. It’s my sincere hope that you’re able to use one or maybe all of them to help you launch and elevate your business, and give you a road map while you’re chasing your goals. Before you read these, let’s just be completely honest. WE’RE ALL SCARED OF SOMETHING. If not, I’d bet on the fact that you’re either LYING or DELUSIONAL. Enjoy!

1. WHY YOU’RE FEARFUL? In a recent video, I talked about the fact that most people are more scared of actual success than they are of so called failure. If this is true, I challenge you to figure out exactly what you are fearful of. Are you scared of failing, or are you scared that your failure could be perceived as public to those that you are closest to? Are you too fearful of paying the actual cost for the dream that you’re chasing? Are you scared of the accountability and the responsibility of success? These are questions that I navigate myself through on a daily basis, not because I’m so bogged down with fear, but I choose to be active in defeating it. In order to be successful, you can’t do what everyone else does and ignore the truth that fear exists.

2. WEIGH YOUR FEAR: When I was in direct sales, we’d always hear the phrase “your why should make you cry” meaning that you have to be intensely emotionally attached to whatever you’re doing, not because you love direct sales per say, but because you KNOW that WITHOUT ACHIEVING THIS GOAL, your children won’t have the options that you envision for them. So I ask you; is whatever you are currently scared of WORTH knowing that you’ve given up?

images2 I’ll end by saying this; Fear is merely an ingredient to your success, a necessary evil if you will, but it is NOT the base, foundation, or main ingredient to your end result UNLESS you choose to let fear win. I was once told early on in my sales career that 97% of the people in this country (including entrepreneurs) are SCARED of selling. They’re so scared of selling, that they never realize or focus on the fact that they are great at developing, creating, implementing, networking, planning, etc. I was told that if they’d DEVELOP THE AREAS THEY ARE STRONGEST IN, the fear of sales could diminish because the other areas will add VALUE, which add CONFIDENCE.

I’ll be the first to admit the truth; NO ONE has all of the answers on defeating fear, but I know for sure that everyone that runs from their fears, FAILS. I do not want you to fail.


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“Power In Numbers” -All Star FEMALE Team of Speakers From “POWER UP WEEKEND”


Power Up Weekend ImageI personally hate to wake up early on Saturday mornings, however this particular Saturday was MORE than worth the early start. There is a life-changing event called “POWER UP WEEKEND” coming soon to Washington DC that is specifically and intentionally designed to have an immediate, lasting impact on women of all backgrounds. Aside from the tangible items that you’ll be able to take away from this conference if you’re fortunate enough to attend, you can also expect to hear from a panel of the most transparent, authentic speakers available. This is the first time that I’ve had so many people on the line at one time, and from the very beginning you can tell that this is not just a collection of speakers, they’ve become an all-star team of motivators. From corporate America to successful entrepreneurs, the women that took place in this interview shared EVERYTHING, most importantly the pure emotion, feelings and realizations that they’ve experienced during their roads to success.

I believe that everyone that listens to this interview below will be able to relate to Lucinda Cross talk about the power of “your story”, or Tosh Patterson talk about her personal battle that she’s turned into a successful business. KiKi Ramsey is a fireball of energy that shared about the power of decision making right after Sheretta Golladay gave us nugget after nugget on the topic of recovering and moving forward after life deals you a huge blow! I don’t know how they’ll be presented at the actual event, but when we kicked off with Yvonne Bynoe, one thing was perfectly clear, there is a quiet confidence and a very strong sense of posture in the way that these entrepreneurs and business women present themselves. She set the tone speaking on how to find your confidence. Karla Trotman is simply amazing, I don’t think there is a single mother alive that won’t understand why she is doing what she is, and believe me when you listen below, you’ll see why her business went from idea to a growing global brand. Christie Ritz-King like all of the panelists is a force to be reckoned with and I have the utmost respect for the level of “relateability” (not sure if that’s a word) that she added into the interview.

We ended this Power Up interview with Hustle Harder Alumni’s Shun Strickland and Uneeka Jay who is the host and figure head behind this all star lineup. There is a clear sense of vision, purpose within these speakers, and more importantly they are (at least in my opinion) leading the charge in changing the mindsets to allow for a wealth transfer. Shun reminds us that when GOD wants something done, he gives someone a dream. My question for you is what dream are you sitting on? What wakes you up in the middle of the night because you’re passionate about it, and know that you need to get done so that your situations can change for the better? This interview is an entrepreneur’s dream, you will be extremely hard pressed to find a group, male or female, that has this kind of conviction, focus and willingness to share what it takes to be successful in life and as a small business owner.




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It’s Only Fear, DO IT ANYWAY!!! Featuring : Jamie Fleming-Dixon

Jamie Fleming ImageWhat an absolute honor it was to have Ms. Jamie Fleming as a guest recently.  As an entrepreneur, one of the first success principles that I was ever taught is to “Think Bigger…FASTER”, and after speaking with Jamie, it is absolutely clear that no one embodies this principle more. She is inspiring women everywhere to dream big. This interview was all about conquering fear, learning to be profitable and really diving into what it took for Jamie to reach the levels of success that she’s achieved so far, and more importantly what success principles that she uses that will surely propel her further both personally and in business.

If you follow her on twitter, you’ll see exactly how positive and supportive she is. It’s not hard to understand why her “Fly, Female & Fabulous” magazine is so popular at all given the amazing work ethic that Jamie puts into her ever project.  Okay, okay…back to what you can expect once you click play on the interview below.  I think you’ll get 3 things that you’ll definitely be able to take away:

1.  A glimpse of what it takes to become a profitable entrepreneur.

2. Common hurdles that women encounter that can STOP them from achieving success.

3. Suggestions on how to overcome the biggest failures.

The goal of this interview, as with every other that we have produced on this site is to help you shorten the learning curve.  The common bond that just about every guest that we’ve had is that they remember NOT having an outlet, a source, or roadmap to prepare them for what they would encounter on the way to achieving their dreams and goals. Jamie Fleming has a mantra that I believe we should all use: “Feel the fear, and do it anyway”. I heavily urge you to listen to this interview with a bit of personal selfishness, MAKE SURE YOU ASK YOURSELF what you can get out of this that will help you RIGHT NOW. After all, when you’re on purpose you get better results.


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